Judge John Hodgman on Taxidermied Pets

Rachel writes: Our dog, Djuna, is approaching the end of her life. I want to have her taxidermied. She would look great on our hearth, curled in a sleeping position. My husband thinks it’s a terrible idea. Our sons are on the fence.

I recently revealed in this column that I am a cat person, and I referred to dogs as perpetual infants. I apologize. First, because I should have said “diaperless infants.” Second, because dogs are of course, and sadly, not perpetual. This is a painful transition, and I’m so sorry for you all. But, as the old saying goes, everyone has to be on board with stuffing the family dog. Some people are freaked out by any taxidermy (me), never mind the petrified remains of a beloved pet. Find another way to honor Djuna that won’t constantly retraumatize your husband or your kids (who I suspect are not as on the fence as you think).

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