Are Anti-Trump Voters Feeling ‘Burned Out’?

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Shannon Caseber, a Democrat who would back President Biden over Donald Trump, said, “Any sense of urgency that we had with the 2020 election — I think it’s still there in the sense that no one wants Trump to be president, at least for Democrats, but it’s exhausting.”Credit…Jeff Swensen for The New York Times

To the Editor:

In “Fighting Trump, Some Voters Are ‘Burned Out on Outrage’” (front page, Feb. 20), you claim that Democrats and nonpartisan groups that work to preserve democracy in America are tired of fighting.

That’s not what I see. I see deepening expertise, expanding networks and steely resolve. Organizations like mine that were created by amateurs intent on doing what they could to save democratic institutions are now seasoned and hard at work. And there are a lot of us.

Do not write us off.

Claire Ullman
New York
The writer is co-founder and co-director of Students for Voting Justice, founded in 2020 to involve college students in getting out the vote in communities of color in the South.

To the Editor:

My humble suggestion to those exhausted from their efforts in opposing Donald Trump and now possibly even apathetic: Please remember Gen. George Washington and his suffering troops during the Revolutionary War, the suffragists and the civil rights movement. Thank heavens none of these ordinary Americans gave in to what must have been their own deep mental, physical and financial exhaustion, first to win independence and then to keep expanding our democracy.

Given recent events, please think, too, of Aleksei Navalny and his determination to keep pressing for a democratic Russia through those long years of psychological and physical torture, only to end with his murder.

Donald Trump has made this our own moment to step forward to work to save our own democracy. We can’t let down all those who came before us who created the rights we enjoy today by letting Mr. Trump have his way in destroying our values and our society.

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