6 Young Adult Novels That Reimagine and Retell Greek Mythology

For me, mythology isn’t only about gods fighting each other or controlling a hero’s fate. Mythology is about the essence of being human. Myths tap into something universal — they help us understand how to show up in the world. That’s why we come back to them time and again.

But often, myths bear the style and idiosyncrasies of the particular time and culture in which they were created. That’s where contemporary retellings come in. Young adult mythology reimaginings help readers find new ways to connect with these archetypal stories and their powerful themes.

Here are six Y.A. novels that reimagine Greek mythology to help teens find their place.

Lore, by Alexandra Bracken

“Lore” takes your favorite ancient Greek gods and plops them in the middle of a “Hunger Games”-esque competition. As punishment for a past rebellion, every seven years nine gods must survive on earth as mortals while being hunted by the descendants of ancient heroes in a competition called the Agon. In a past Agon, Lore Perseous lost her family in a brutal slaying. Now, she’s expected to participate in Agons herself, but as the only remaining member of her bloodline, she vowed to leave the heroic life behind and went into hiding. However, she’s forced back into the hunt when her old friend, Castor, and then an injured Athena show up with an offer she can’t refuse. This story captures the rawness and brutality of Greek mythology through a modern lens yet wisely leaves the interpretations of the outcome to the reader.

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